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Please allow approximately 30 seconds before pressing play. If video freezes while playing, please be patient. Once the video has loaded it will continue . After completion, press the play button again to watch without the freezes. If you would like to view a large version, place mouse pointer on screen, right click, select "Zoom, Full Screen" however, the larger the view, the less the quality appears. See note below.

Creative Slideshow Sample

All of our DVD's include a main menu with
scene selections, (with the exception of the small packages which only incorporates one song and therefore does not require a scene selection). And one closing personal message page.

This sample slideshow incorporates many unique styles. All put together to complete a lovely musical photomontage of a very special day in the life of this beautiful Christian young lady. Our many different slideshow styles work together to complete a slideshow that is uniquely yours. Different backgrounds, different colors and scenery can change any particular style to match your individualized desires that give just the right setting and mood for your personalized slideshows. Call today to speak with a consultant.

Keep in mind: This sample is just a part of the original slideshow. A beautiful keepsake slideshow showing the a very important event in the life of a very precious young lady.

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Planning is the key word for creating a successful slideshow. This is not difficult, but does require time and effort on your part before hiring a professional slideshow creating company to create your unique video slideshow. Here are some steps you can follow to insure a beautiful slideshow production...Read More

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Please Note: In order to shorten download time as much as possible, this sample is a very compressed version of the original and therefore a poor representation of the quality of our work. The images, graphics, and text in your video album will be sharp and clear and the music will be of CD quality.
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