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Enjoy Our Christmas Slide
show Samples.

The following are just short samples - not the entire show - and can be incorporated into any creative style Christmas slideshow.


Home For Christmas

Home for Christmas

Christmas Card Delight Slideshow

Christmas Card Delight

The Holly and The Ivy

The Holly and the Ivy

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Winter Wonderland Slideshow

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Tree Ornaments Slideshow

Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Christmas Album

Christmas Album
Slideshow #2

Christmas Shoebox Memories

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                                                               We Wish You a  Merry               
                                                                Christmas Slideshow

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Slideshows available for Christmas will be received until December 5, 2009.
So don't delay...order your slideshow today!

Some Christmas Ideas...

1. Forget the cards...forget those Christmas letters! Send us your pictures and we'll put together a beautiful Christmas slideshow of all your favorite memories of the past year for you to share with all your family and friends. We will even wrap and mail them to everyone on your Christmas gift list with a personal note from you! A wonderfully unique, touching, and truly personal Christmas gift giving idea!


2. Give someone special a very special gift. Did someone have a new baby this year? A Wedding? Anniversary? Birthday? Retirement? Reunion? Vacation? Bring back all those special memories in a beautifully choreographed slideshow made especially for them. A slideshow for Christmas is a gift they are sure to cherish... forever.


3. Begin to create your own annual video library. Each month put those pictures and special video clips aside and in October or November, send us your photos and videos and we'll create a wonderful and memorable Christmas slideshow for you and your family and friends to remember the best of this past year! Start a new tradition and watch it with your family every Christmas.


4. In January or February send us all of the past year events, including Christmas, and we'll create a fun and memorable yearly video album that you and your family will cherish forever. Then plan a special dinner or get-together with you and your family and create more memories as you all watch the video slideshow together. A truly beautiful and memorable family tradition that will make your most special memories even more special as you share them together with the ones you love!


Christmas Holiday Slideshows make wonderful and unique Christmas gift ideas.
Order your Christmas slideshows today and show them how much you care.
Because nothing says "I Love You" like a creative musical Christmas slideshow production.

Just for fun:Enjoy our Sands of Time Christmas Carols

Here Comes Sands of Time
(sung to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus")

Here comes Sands of Time,
Here comes Sands of Time,
Creating slideshows for you!

You'll have the most fun
Sharing with your loved ones
Without any scissors or glue!

So don't delay, let's start today,
And give the gift that's right,

You'll spread good cheer from this past year,
When Sands of Time comes tonight!

When Sands of Time comes tonight!

The Sands of Time Christmas DVD
(sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland ")

The music plays, are you list'ning?
The pictures look like they're glist'ning.
We're happy to know,
We'll watch a slideshow
From friends and family far, far away

In the evening we will make some cocoa,
We'll gather with the family in the den.
We'll hear the crack'ling from the glowing fireplace,
we'll reminisce about our times together when...

Mom appears at the doorway,
With a gift from Aunt Lori,
A blast from our past,
We're happy at last,
To watch a music slideshow tonight.

We laughed and we giggled,
Dad's tummy even jiggled,
We cried a bit too,
When we saw all of you,
On our Sands of Time Christmas DVD.

On our Sands of Time Christmas DVD!

See our "12 Steps to a Successful Slideshow Production" to help you get started.

Sands of Time Multimedia Creations is here for you.
Creating the most beautiful, unique, and creative
Christmas slide shows available.
Contact us today for more information.

Sands of Time Multimedia Creations Inc.

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