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Traditional Plus Slideshow Samples

Traditional Slideshow Samples

Credit Samples

Below are some samples of what we can do within a slideshow production. Unless specified, these are just short clips of a specific production to give you an idea of our creativity. They are not the whole slideshow. Although the slideshows are titled: Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, etc... most all of them are interchangeable for any occasion.

Traditional Plus Slideshow Samples:

Wedding Slideshow         Wedding Slideshow 2        Wedding Slideshow 3

   Wedding or Anniversary               Anniversary or Wedding            Wedding or Anniversary
            Slideshow                                  Slideshow                                Slideshow

       View Wedding Slideshow Flash                   ViewWedding Slideshow Dial-up | Hi-Speed       ViewWedding Slideshow Dial-up | Hi-Speed
      Wedding Slideshow Windows Media

Birthday Slideshow         Wedding Slideshow        wedding slideshow 3

     Wedding Slideshow                      Wedding Slideshow                     Wedding Slideshow

       viewwedding slideshow Flash                            view Wedding Slideshow Flash                         viewwedding slideshow Flash
                                                      Wedding Slideshow Windows Media

          Traditional Slideshow Plus Sample     

   Retirement Slideshow                     Birthday Slideshow           Graduation Sampler Slideshow

       view Flash                    viewBirthday Slideshow Dial-up | Hi-Speed              view Flash
   Windows Media                                                                    Windows Media

 Birthday Slideshow        Slideshow Memories       Anniversary Slideshow

         view birthday slideshow Flash                        Memories Slideshow              Anniversary or Wedding

    view birthday slideshow Windows Media          ViewWedding slideshow Dial-up | Hi-Speed     ViewWedding Slideshow Dial-up | Hi-Speed



    Memories Slideshow                 
     View slideshow memories Flash

  Viewslideshow memories Windows Media              



Graduation Sample                 Becky's Song

Through the Years Opening      
               Special Message Insert....

                         ViewDial-up | Hi-Speed                 view Flash   Windows Media                 

 Creative Services - Happy birthday                 Quinceañera Slideshow

Birthday Memories Slideshow             Quinceañera Slideshow Opening

view Dial-up | Hi-Speed                     view Dial-up | Hi-Speed

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Traditional Slideshow Samples:

   Retirement Slideshow            Graduation Slideshow         Mission Slideshow

          Traditional Slideshow                     Traditional Slideshow                 Traditional Slideshow

           view Retirement Slideshow Flash                      view Dial-Up | Hi-Speed                 view Mission Slideshow Flash
         Retirement Slideshow Windows Media                                                                         Mission Slideshow Windows Media

Traditional Plus Slideshow Samples

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See our "12 Steps to a Successful Slideshow Production" to help you get started.

"Add a Video Segment" feature to your slideshow production!

Pull out those old videos, find your favorite clips, and add a unique, humorous, and sentimental touch to your slide show production by including unlimited video clips synchronized to one song. Beautiful!

See our "12 Steps to a Successful Slideshow Production" to help you get started.

All of these samples are just that - samples. Our slideshow creators will create
your photo slideshows - also known as video albums and photomontages, to fit
your personality and setting. No two slideshows are
ever exactly alike. The possibilities are almost endless

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These short slide show samples are made in low quality format for the
internet, their quality does not reflect the professional quality results you will
receive with your presentation.

Depending on your personal computer and your internet connection, these
sample slide shows may take some time to load because of the graphics used
in these slideshow presentations. Please be patient. If you have any problems
viewing these samples, please contact us.

Sands of Time Slideshow

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Hi Sandy, I just got back from the honeymoon and I just want you to know that the slideshow was a huge success!  Our DJ commented that he’s seen over a hundred wedding slideshows and mine was the best he’s ever seen…thanks to you.  So thank you again and if I ever need anything like this again, you’ll be the first I contact.


Sandy, Your video for my son’s wedding rehearsal stole the show.  I knew your work was perfect, but was very nervous that I had captured the moments of my son’s and new bride’s lives just right.  I shouldn’t have worried because you took what I gave you and turned it into a piece of magic.  I’d been planning this secret for over a year and you made my dreams come true.  You were patient, kind and wonderful to work with and thanks for giving us lifelong memories.


Hi Sandy, I wanted to let you know that the slide show was the highlight of the party.  Everyone loved it and Donna was thrilled.  I love how your creative artistic touch brought everything to life and how well everything transitioned from one stage of her life to the next.  People were impressed with the various ways you presented the photos, and the music was perfect for it.  You synchronized the photos to the music extremely well and everything was just fantastic.  I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

Again Sandy, your work was terrific.  I would recommend you to anybody that wants to have a classy, poignant, and memorable slide show created.



The preview looked great, better than I could have ever imagined....I can't wait for everyone else to see it, thanks so much, you did a wonderful job!!


The presentation you have created turned out to be one of best part of the wedding reception. Truly a genius work from your part. I have bookmarked your site and will contact you again for my own wedding!

Thanks again. Kindest regards


Oh my rocks!  You took what was ordinary and made it EXTRAordinary. There isn't one thing we'd change. .. What a blessing to have your help and to see the magic of your incredible talent bring to life our ministry here in Asia for those back home. 

Again, thanks a million!

You really did a fantastic job with my mom’s video and I truly appreciate your efforts, especially at such short notice!  You clearly take pride and put a tremendous amount of thought and personal touch into the work you do and it shows!!  Her birthday celebration was a lot of fun!  Mom was surprised and also quite touched that we all got together to honor her on her 60th birthday!  The video was the icing on the cake and will be cherished always!  Thank you for helping to make her birthday so special! 

It was a true pleasure working with you and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my family, friends, and neighbors.

I hope to work with you again very soon! Warmest regards,


Thank you so much for the incredible work you did. You really do have a gift and I am so glad we connected for my family's special celebration of my Mom. I am certain being able to show this at the end of her birthday dinner Saturday will bring tears to everyone's eyes...
I just got back from Williamsburg and the Birthday celebration was incredible. The DVD you did was so amazing. It did bring everyone to tears and, aside form all of us being together, it is what made the weekend so memorable. It will be something our family will cherish for years and generations to come.

Thanks again for everything!

Thank you thank you thank you for making such a beautiful video for us.  I am very happy with it, as I am sure Katey will be.  We will treasure it forever. The credit section you did was so creative!  I will definitely recommend you to others.


Dear Sandy.....again.....IT IS JUST WONDERFUL....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! ...Becky

My daughter and other kids loved the DVD!  We were going to play it on a laptop during the party and they wanted it to be on the big screen TV.  It was a very big hit and lots of people asked who had done it so professionally.  Thank-you for all your hard work, creativity and getting it to me so promptly (and adding the last minute picture)! I really appreciate it and will definitely be ordering from you again in the future.  :-)


What a wonderful job!!!!! My sister just showed me the video.......WOW, we LOVE it.!!!!!

With lots of special occasions coming up in 2008, we'll be using you again and again and again!!! Thanks soooooo much!!!!


LOVE IT!  You did such a nice job.  My parents are going to be so surprised!...

 What a hit!  My parents absolutely loved the video.  We had a great celebration and that just topped it off! ... Thanks so much for doing this.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a service like this.


Thank you so much for your professional commitment to this retirement video for my husband's retirement. The first phone call with you provided a calm professionalism and I knew that you would assist me with this project. It was a true pleasure working with you and I appreciated your patience with me while we worked thru all of the formatting changes.  I looked forward to seeing the project evolve.  I also really appreciated that you were available to answer my emails on a regular and timely basis. It made it very easy to communicate.  It is very apparent that you took on my project as an individual commitment and professionally delivered your artwork, as promised. 

My sons (13 and 11) could not wait to see the video and we had to sneak around last night to view it so Dad wouldn't hear us watching it.  It was so funny.  They absolutely loved it and think their Dad will love it too.  This video will add a very special touch to his retirement ceremony. 

I will be sure to have your business cards on hand after the ceremony. 

Thanks again, it was a true pleasure working with you, Tonia

My husband viewed the video from work and we both think it is FABULOUS and love it!  Thank-you for adding the special effects and making it so special!  I love all the special effects such as the snow falling, etc.. and the creativity!...Thanks so much! I have watched it several times already!


Wow! in two words - mind-blowing! It is exactly what we wanted and more! You completely exceded our expectations! Thank you!


Wow!  It is simply beautiful!!!  You are so creative!!
I was going over it with my friend who is helping me and she was crying too...I want to thank you so much.  I really love what you did with the slideshow.  You are a magician!...Thank you, Sandy!


I am still crying...this is so tender and sweet. Thank you so much for celebrating my daughter's life in such a beautiful DVD. You are very talented! So glad I found you. :-)


I loved it! It is spectacular! I couldn't have imagined anything quite like this. Thank you!




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